Start me up!

Welcome to the first post of this blog. I hope that I can make you laugh at the goofiness that ensues at my house and with my friends. You will read soon about my inability to clean my house without first reading every magazine that I encounter (see, I should throw the magazine away to clear the clutter. This is Flylady 101 stuff; everyone knows this! -- but I haven't read it yet . . . so by reading the magazine, I am actually making necessary progress toward cleaning my house. It's very simple, really). Or about my fabulous, gorgeous, brilliant children. And what slobs they are (the gene for this is very strong in my family). And about the joys of home renovation when 1) I'm very cheap; and 2) I'm very lazy.

My friends are not off the hook: you know what's coming. One performed a highly illegal act in a cemetery. With her grandmother. And one gets more done in an hour than most of us get done in a day -- and more than I get done in a month. I hate her, in a Christ-like way. My friends are the smartest, funniest people I know.

So -- let's get this bad boy started, shall we?