More tragic garden news . . . .

My youngest girl is convinced that she has single-handedly caused the Great Potato Famine of '09.

The "Garden Guru" on our local radio station has been sounding the alarm about Late Blight -- the plant disease that caused the infamous Irish Potato Famine. This year, Late Blight is terrorizing gardeners and farmers all along the East Coast. So of course my girl picked this year to plant a spud in a pot and see if it would grow.

Now, with no signs of disease on this plant -- but no spuds, either -- she is packing her bags, preparing to emigrate back to County Cork (who knew we were Irish?). She keeps saying stuff like, "You know -- those people in Ireland had to eat grass, because the potatoes ALL DIED! And I don't even like SALAD!"

I exaggerate. But she is a little worried.

Meanwhile her plant is thriving -- and yes, that is a school ruler used to stake the plant, because that's how we roll at my house.

** In case you're worried, the sad tomatoes don't have Late Blight, either -- I checked. No -- they're just sad.