One Perfect Week

Looking back on this beach reunion of people to whom I am not related, I have to say that I've rarely laughed so much. These people are hilarious -- although I've noticed that joy in someone else's company causes laughter, too. Here is a look back at our excellent beach adventure . . . .

The smoochie patriarch of this family (call him Pop-Pop, call him Uncle Bob -- just don't call him . . . . oh, sorry!) and his patient bride are the parents of this motley crew:

These six siblings are all educators of one kind or another -- although each found a different route to the same end result. Must be in the blood.

Visual tangent: these three brothers have the bluest eyes you ever saw. Mercy!

My youngest girl spent much of her time hanging out with this sweet young woman -- who either took a real shine to my urchin, or is a certified saint -- or maybe both. They are both big goofballs (a high form of praise, let me assure you).

A beauty queen vacationed with us -- wearing the most beautiful clothes . . . .

All in all we had a fabulous time at our un-family reunion. We read a lot of books -- some deep, some trashy. We ate a lot of food. I mean -- a whole lot. Jigsaw puzzles, boogie boards, games at night, the new Harry Potter movie -- we did it all. Mostly, everyone got to spend time with their favorite people in the world. It was a perfect week. And by the way --

Please look at this face
and then dare to tell me that angels don't exist.

Photo credits: Bob Kline