What's on your fridge?

My friend Coleen wants to paint a word border around the top of her kitchen walls -- she sees it as a way of displaying a collection of quotations that sum up her life as a mother, a wife, a student of life. Here is the quotation that will go right above the fridge:

Here's your popsicle -- now get the hell out.

As for me, I like to stick pithy sayings on my refrigerator. Here's what's motivating me right now:

Be the change you want to see.
-- Gandhi

So much to do -- so few people to do it for me . . .

Life is good.

Things have never been the same
since that house fell on my sister.

I cannot live without books.
-- Thomas Jefferson

and a small little button that reminds me to:


Of course, this is on my fridge, too:

As someone once said -- I'm just keepin' it real.

What do you have on your refrigerator? What inspires you, annoys you, or just makes you laugh? Please leave a comment -- I'd love to hear from you!