Silly Haiku Wednesday

Join the fun!

It's Silly Haiku Wednesday again over at Jenn's blog, and the theme is friendship. While I am frequently a silly friend myself, and am lucky enough to have many silly friends (love, love the silly friends), this week's theme doesn't foster a silly vibe -- just a true one. Here are poems for three friends:

Make new friends, but keep
The old. One is silver but
The other is gold.

My oldest friend -- she
Seems more like my blood sister.
No pal is truer.

"I, too, sister!"

Sisters of the heart,

She thinks like me, laughs like me --
Loves me all the tim

My sister -- my best
Friend. We've lived it together;
We share scars and joy.
Sister, friend, sister --
Sister, friend. Friend. Sister-friend.
Sister. Friend. Sister.

Image credit:
Prom night friends: Rob Guillen (1979, God help us.)