Gearing Up

School starts tomorrow (groan, sob, whine, sniffle, gag: choose any response you like), but my high school urchins were busy last week, helping out with freshman orientation.

The tall boy is the grand pooh-bah of this club, and did some heavy recruiting among the newest Bulldawgs (always spelled this way). (Yes. It's annoying.)

Making his "Join or Die" poster, he got a little help from got completely shoved out of the way by his sister, who is all about the signage and propaganda, especially when it involves playing with art supplies. These two really rocked the stencils and rubber cement.

I showed up to help serve lunch, which turned out to be the easiest job I've had all year. You know how when you help out at the elementary school or the middle school, volunteering means running around like a crazy person trying to do twelve things at once, while also herding children who might as well be cats for all the listening they do?

Well, at the high school (at least on this day), here's what I did:

Me: Hey, sophomore strong boy whose name escapes me -- please unload all these cases of water on that table over there.
Him: OK!
Me: Excuse me, efficient-looking senior girl, where do you want me to put these chips?
Her: Oh, I'll do that! Oh -- and would you like a Coke?
Me: Why, yes! Yes, I would!