Here's what I love:

. . . Saturday evenings with the fabulous neighbors.

Sometimes we plan an actual block party and I say "we" in the sense that I show up with my assigned potluck supper dish, after the fabulous neighbors have done all the scut work.

But sometimes (like last Saturday) we throw together a more last-minute, spontaneous, "you bring the paper plates because I've only got napkins," pizza in the cul-de-sac night.

Funny -- I sense that some fabulous neighbors
hate to be photographed . . .

. . . while their husbands hog the camera.

I bonded with my tall boy, who loves to sit back and listen to the jibber-jabber.

As the night got cooler, we were happy to have the fire pit (courtesy of the fabulous neighbors, of course). The youngest urchin and her street sister pulled out the cozy blankets and kept on partying.

More fabulous neighbors -- parents of the street sister.

Blaze the wonder dog watches the . . . well, I guess he's watching the blaze, isn't he?