How much glamour can you take?

On Sunday, my oldest girl and I had the most fun, because we hosted a make-up party! My friend Barbara, who is a Mary Kay consultant, came over and showed us all the groovy products that will make our skin healthy and beautiful, and the girls and moms did make-overs, and critiqued each other's blush, and it was awesome!

Barbara is hilarious and only has sons, so she was giddy with joy to be able to play make-up with real live girls. Look how cute she is in her Mary Kay blazer.

We ate too much food, and I show the veggie tray here to trick you into thinking that I didn't serve chips or cookies or soda -- I would never serve crappy food like that . . . .

Mascara is v-e-r-y tricky when you have a broken wrist, but my oldest girls has mad skills.

Who is she texting?!

Check out the cute little Barbie mirrors that we got to use during our glamour party. They're flippy, and you also get a tray to hold the samples of moisturizer and exfoliant and cleanser. They made me happy and I don't know why.

So here I am at the end of the glamour-fest. This, people, is as good as it gets. Pay no attention to the Christmas decorations in the corner.