Again with the doctors and whining!

OK, I promise this will be my last medical update. Unless it's not, but whatever:

The tall boy got a clean bill of health from the surgeon and the pulmonologist this week, which of course is fantastic on many levels. As far as he is concerned is this is terrific because it means he can start working out with the lacrosse team after Christmas.

One might think that a doctor who had just removed a section of his patient's lung would make frowny faces at the patient if that patient said, "My goal is to get well enough to run around on a field and get whacked in the chest repeatedly with lots of very big sticks." One would be wrong.

The oldest girl got her glamour cast removed and has graduated to a brace -- or is it called a splint? And is there a difference? And do you care? Don't answer that.

As you can see from the photo, she did end up painting it for the Homecoming dance -- black craft paint, with silver glitter spray-painted over it. It rocked.

But in the "bummer" category, the youngest girl is down for the count. It does not appear to be swinish in nature, but she sure doesn't feel good. The sleeping bags are her brother's contribution before he left for school -- because as far as he knows we own no blankets? I'm puzzled.

Good thing the sunny girl has a cat to guard her. And a guitar, because that's how we roll.