People are just so nice! -- UPDATED

So I got a fabulous surprise yesterday, when Holly from Life Laugh Latte left a comment to let me know that she and her partner in crime, Charisse, have given me an award! Dig me!

This kind of award -- from one blogger to another -- reminds me of high school, when my friends and I used to decorate each others' lockers on our birthdays. Such a fun surprise and it makes you feel so loved!

What is the wider sociological meaning of this phenomenon?

1. Holly and Charisse are as sweet as pie.

2. The community of women who participate in blogs and online social networks seems intrinsically generous and loving-- I have felt nothing but uplifting support and kindness from women I have never met, but who have connected with me in a way that shows the positive power of the information highway.

3. I do too much talking and not enough laundry.

One of the "requirements" of receiving this treat is that I get to award it to someone now! So come on back later today, and check it out!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

So after thinking about all the lovely commenters I have met, and remembering their lovely comments, and basking in their loveliness, I would like to tell you about two of these lovelies.

The first one is not a blogger, but she is a faithful commenter, and is always so encouraging. The fabulous neighbor browbeat gently urged me to start my blog in the first place, and has been more than fabulous about commenting both on my blog and in person. So hang on a second while I run over to her house and stick the award on her front door.

The second of all my lovely commenters that I would like to acknowledge is my Aussie blogging friend, Polly. She found my blog very soon after I started it, and has left so many funny, sweet, and thoughtful comments -- you should be so lucky as to have a regular commenter like her. AND her blog is great, with lots of book recommendations and fun stories about her life. She's expecting another little one, so I hope you also send her all positive vibes, wishes and prayers during this last three months before her Big Day.