Things that make my day

Check these out! --

New red shoes!
How can I keep from singing when I'm rockin' the fun red loafers? I mean to say -- gosh!

A new red washing machine!
And how sad is it that a washing machine can make my day? In my defense let me say that:

1) Our washer blew up while the tall boy was in the hospital. Under normal circumstances I would have been all angsty about a new washer purchase less than a year before a college tuition bill kicks us in the head, but that "removing part of my little boy's lung" scenario kind of used up all of my angst for this month.

2) As much as I have enjoyed spending time at the Spin Cycle (get it? <-- catchy laundromat humor?) with the Telemundo ladies, the whole "load all of the family's laundry into the back of the minivan and haul it across town and spend forty bucks in quarters to wash it and dry it AND not get to watch All My Children in English" gig was getting a little old.

3) This washer is red, people!

This bright and cheerful gift from MJ!

It never fails to lift my spirits to receive such a treat! MJ is as nice as pie -- and I really, really like pie. Check back here later today, to see who else is a pie-like friend!