Snow Day!

So the urchins are skipping with glee as we sip our hot chocolate, enjoying the first snow day of the year. We should be digging out from under the nearly two feet of snow that fell on Saturday, but do you really think that's how we roll?

Check out our back deck over the course of the storm:

Midnight -- Friday into Saturday

9:00 a.m. Saturday

1:00 p.m. Saturday

4:00 p.m. Saturday

Midnight Saturday into Sunday

Our final total was nineteen inches, which of course shut the entire region down. I know that this snowfall total makes us seem like pikers to folks who live in New England, or the Great Lakes area, or the Rockies. Whatever -- don't be a hater!

We used the time to get the lights on our Christmas tree. Yes. I know that the Big Day arrives momentarily. Did I not tell you that we like to saunter into the Christmas season? -- which Catholic purists will tell you doesn't actually begin until December 25 anyway. I have friends who don't even put their tree up until Christmas Eve -- on purpose! Now that's counter-cultural!

I don't have political reasons for waiting to get my tree up and my Christmas trinkets displayed. I am just intrinsically lazy -- and I have plenty of things to stress out about without adding decorating angst to the list.

My husband and I perfected the "one person wears the lights while the other person strings the lights" technique years ago -- and this year the oldest girl learned from the master.

He believes strongly in the squint method for making sure lights are spaced properly to ensure that perfect, even glow. Try it -- squint at your tree so that your vision is a little blurry. Glasses wearers -- just take your glasses off! If your lights are placed well, your tree will glow evenly. Gaps in the lighting show up very clearly. Don't thank me -- I'm just glad to help.

The decorations might actually get put up today, but stay tuned because it's noon and I'm still in my pajamas. Because (you guessed it) that's how we roll on a snow day!