Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

OK, people -- every horizontal space in my kitchen is covered with . . . . well. Let's just say it's covered with stuff that does not belong in its current location.

Check this out -- and don't be a hater:

We start just left of the refrigerator, which I did not photograph because hello, chocolate syrup! Too embarrassing even for me.

tangent: Who else loves the reusable Starbucks iced tea cup? I don't know about where you live, but around these parts they were coveted and hard to find last summer. My Contractor looked on-line and she discovered that they were selling on eBay for $50.00. That's American money, people!

Mine was a gift.

My Contractor will be introduced in her own separate post, because she's just that awesome.

Moving to the left . . . . The sink has actually been so much worse. I feel pretty good about the sink, if you want to know the truth.

This corner is the only place where the mess might be marginally justifiable: marinara for dinner tonight! On the other hand, the eggs have been there since breakfast.

tangent: The butter dish (hiding behind the Christmas mug -- thanks, Kathy! -- so that Coleen won't steal it) is Carnival glass that belonged to my husband's grandmother.

Here's the marinara sauce. Quiz: Do you like your tomato sauce chunky and rustic, or do you run it through a food processor so it's nice and smooth? It's a debate with deep philosophical significance at my house.

To the left of the stove is the ancient and venerable toaster oven. I have no memory of slicing any bread or rolls, so I have no idea how long those crumbs have been there. The reading glasses are my husband's, so I suspect that he was the most recent bread-slicer. I could be wrong.

In my defense, I went to Costco yesterday.

Are you noticing the sugar cannister with no lid? Cannisters were on my Christmas list, too. Can I just say I'm glad I got a camera instead?

tangent: Canister? Cannister? Two NNs looks better to me but spellcheck says no. I think I'm right. Or at least right enough.

The mega-Box o' Ramen reminds me to give a shout-out to Ashleigh, Tricia, and My Contractor -- who all love the Ramen. Dig me, girls! Forty-eight glamorous Ramen meals for seven bucks! Who's the Frugal Gourmet now?!

If I could get the table cleaned off I could put away my Merry Christmas tablecloth. The coats hanging on the backs of the chairs represent a lost cause.

It's just sad.

On the bright side, look at all the wine we got from our party guests!