Hitting the Slopes

We went skiing this weekend with the tall boy's Boy Scout troop, and just had the swellest time! The tall boy and his dad stayed in a lodge at a Boy Scout camp with the rugged manly men. It wasn't too tough, since they had cots, a wood-burning stove, and a dad to cook breakfast for them.

The girl urchins and I roughed it at a nearby hotel.

The skiing was fun, if more exhausting than I remember it being; I recall the days when I could ski and ski without feeling like I required a knee replacement (or two). The oldest girl had no such problems; she flung herself all over the mountain, and laughed when she got caught in the middle of a snow ball fight between two Boy Scouts.

And the sunny girl had to keep up, which was not a problem, since she appears to be fearless.

This annual outing outing has turned into a family event; of course dads are along for the adventure, but sisters and brothers, moms and cousins, and the occasional girlfriend also turn up to join in the fun for the day. Here are a couple of dads and some older siblings home from college. It was great to have them along!

The tall boy skied like a crazy person, coming inside only to eat or chug a Gatorade. He is all about the ski technique, if you understand "technique" to mean "flinging oneself head-first down the steepest slope one can find." The phrase "pell-mell" describes his style best, I think.

He skied for much of the day with this confident-in-his-own-skin friend. He's an Eagle scout, as you can tell from the sweet pink hat.

By the end of the day, the pink-hatted boy and his dad were d-o-n-e. I can assure you, they weren't the only ones!

At twilight, the tall boy went for one run with me on one of the tamer slopes. It was all my knees could take! He was very gracious and didn't mock me . . . too much. Soon after, the scouts and dads headed back to their cabin, and we headed out too.

I tell you, the hot hotel showers and the NCIS marathon at the end of a long day really take it out of you!