Look how lovely!

So the tall boy and the lovely one went to the prom on Friday night, and the glamour of it all was overwhelming, as you can see.

People, look at the lovely one! Look at that dress! Gorgeous, I'm telling you.

She was literally glamorous right down to the tips of her toes.

Of course, so was the tall boy.

The photo shoot was scheduled over the protestations of the tall boy . . .

. . . who didn't realize that he would be photographed by parents, grandparents, neighbors --

-- and I think Annie Liebowitz was there briefly. It was quite the paparazzi extravaganza.

He rallied nicely . . .

. . . which was not difficult whenever he looked at the lovely one. I mean, gosh!

photo courtesy of Jolie Blonde

And just so you know, the prom night glamour is contagious around here -- check out Coleen's tall boy and his dark-haired beauty. And dig her rockin' shoes!