brag, brag, Eagle Scout, brag, brag, brag

So as you might have surmised from the title of this post, the tall boy is now officially an Eagle Scout. His Eagle Court of Honor was this past weekend, and the puffed up chests and self-congratulatory pattings on the back have subsided to some extent -- if only because I sprained myself reaching around past my own shoulder blades.

It is true that I am just so proud of him that I could sing about it. It is also true that along the way it sometimes felt to me like I was Sisyphus -- pushing, pushing, pushing that rock up the hill.

I suspect that if we're talking Greek mythology, the tall boy would tell you that he felt like Prometheus - chained to a rock and doomed to have his entrails plucked at repeatedly by his mother vultures.

But now all is sunshine and bragging, and I will tell you that the tall boy really is all that and a slice of peach pie. So is his best pal, who joined Cub Scouts with him twelve years ago. They have been best of companions ever since, and and it was only right that the two of them celebrated the end of their journey together at a joint Eagle Court of Honor.

Can I just say that these two fabulous boys -- and their siblings -- are proof that we can rest easy: the world is going to be just fine.