Facebook Funny Boy

Here's what the tall boy wrote on my Facebook wall this morning:

Who buys a dinosaur skeleton? www.bbc.co.uk
The BBC's Olivia Lang reports on the trend of collecting dinosaur fossils, as Sothebys auction house puts a partially complete Allosaurus skeleton up for sale in Paris.

The tall boy > Liz in Virginia Please? Pleeeeaase? Pretty pleeeaaaseee? I'll do the dishes, I'll walk the dog, I could wash the dog, clean up my room, take out the trash, clean up and vacuum and dust, justpleasebuymetheniceAllosaurus?

You like my Tom Chapin reference? I knew you would -- it's what's going to melt your heart and make you realize you want to buy the dinosaur skeleton for the Tall Boy. Doooonnn'tttt you?


Even from far away, the tall boy just cracks me up.