My girl is full of the clever!

The Bulldawgs are gearing up for Homecoming, and in the run-up to the Big Game the girl in charge has been pressed to show up every day in various "Spiritwear" get-ups.

I need to inform you that the girl in charge does not love Spirit Week. She did participate in "Slippers and Sweats Day" because hello . . . sweats? Obviously. And she has awesome penguin slippers that were yearning to wow the Bulldawgs.

But today -- Cartoon and Super-hero Day, she succumbed to the pressure and made herself this rockin' costume. I asked her how Ms. Pac-man fit into the theme -- is she really a cartoon? The girl in charge snorted dismissively. "Ms. Pac-man is a feminist icon: she was the first female video game character. So clearly she's a super-hero. Good grief, mom -- get with the program!"