Drama queen -- in a good way!

So the girl in charge performed last weekend in her high school's production of The Crucible. She played Francis Nurse, the good man whose wife is accused of witchcraft. Here she is smiling with her "bride," before the Saturday night performance. Love the wrinkles and mustache!

The Crucible is a complex, intense and difficult play to perform -- so I'm so impressed that this high school drama group tackled it. They did a nice job, too!

This lovely young woman is the girl in charge's BFF; she's filled with fabulosity -- kind, smart, funny, talented -- and just a giant goofball. I have to say my favorite high school kids are those who have not succumbed to the pressure to define their coolness by the low standards of the world. This girl is the coolest of the cool -- because she could care less about what the word even means.

tangent: So while my girl in charge portrayed a good man who understood from the very beginning that the system accusing his wife was deeply flawed, her BFF played the evil Abigail, and she was really evil. Can I just say that an audience full of high school kids, busy whispering and texting and using very poor theater manners, will listen with rapt attention to every nuance of the performance -- beginning with the moment the main character is called a whore.

The last performance was this weekend, and now it's time for auditions for the one-act play competition. My girl in charge loves the stage! The cast list goes up tomorrow -- cross your fingers that she gets a part!