Come on, Big Snow!

So around here we feel like we can take whatever Mother Nature dishes out, snow-wise. I mean, after all -- we did survive the Blizzards of 2010 last February. We've got to get extra points for that!

OK, now pipe down, all you Chicagoans and upstate New Yorkers, and folks who experience snow as an annual drudgery rather than as the adventure of a lifetime. We rocked our blizzard down here in the South! So this year as The Big Day draws nearer and nearer, we are hoping with a childlike hope for a white Christmas. My Doug Hill says it could happen!

So obviously the book we discover behind the door of the Advent calendar today is Katy and the Big Snow. Oh, my people -- this is such a fabulous book! It was written by Virginia Lee Burton, who wrote Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Little House -- so you know it's wonderful. As Katy the snow plow proceeded to dig out an entire town, the urchins used to have so much fun following her route with their fingers as she traveled from the hospital past the police and fire stations and out to the airport, before digging out the schools and the stores. This is a great book for a snowy day -- or for a family that yearns to experience one truly Big Snow.