And can you really say "Cream of Mushroom" and "gourmet" in the same sentence?

So the fabulous neighbors had us over the other night for pizza and beer. As usual, I spent too much time laughing to actually take any good pictures. And I will also report that there were no stories told that night that can be repeated on this blog. My urchins read this, people. My Aunt Carol Jean reads it! [Actually, my Aunt Carol Jean has been known to tell a bawdy tale or two . . . but we won't go there tonight.]

Let's just say that in this particular instance vulgarity and hilarity are integrally related. You can tell because of the look on my own street sister's face. Her eyes are closed because really, the pals are telling the most scandalous story, using words that are making me blush right now -- and I'm not even typing them; I'm just thinking them. But you do see that she is laughing her ass off, right?

Don't get me wrong -- it wasn't all genitalia jokes and strippers. Actually there were no strippers that I remember. And we did discuss the merits of various fine dining options. Some of us are enamored of "Cream of Something and Something Casserole" while others seem more intrigued by the new cuisine being touted these days, which consists of instant rice topped with a can of delicious Chunky Beef with Barley soup. Your thoughts?

Well, it was swell to get together with the fabulous neighbors -- it always is -- and I feel particularly honored that they wanted to bond with us, since the next morning he left for a year-long deployment to Afghanistan. You know how I feel about my fabulous neighbors, so you know how much I will miss my friend while he's gone. His wife is just as dear -- my wonderful pal, my earliest and staunchest blog supporter, and a heroine to all REAL real housewives of D.C. Just so you understand how hard she kicks ass, she will spend this coming year finishing her Master's degree. Suck on that, Michaele Salahi.

Well, if I were more eloquent I would offer a pithy and moving commentary about the bravery and selflessness of the men and women who volunteer to go to war for us -- and about the sacrifice we ask of their families as well. But really, all I pray for is for my friend to come home safely. So I guess that's what I would ask you to do, too. Pray for my friend. Or pray for someone you know and love. Pick a specific soldier, or marine, or sailor -- and pray.