And the point of these shoes is . . . .?

So all of the girls at the prom wore pretty, pretty shoes because it's important.

Dudes just don't get this, but the best dudes will say (just to be nice), "Hey! Are those new shoes? I love 'em!" Or -- even better! -- "For your birthday I want you to buy those new boots you were looking at." These are the dudes we marry.

The styles varied from funky, to elegant and sparkly, to "dang!" . . .

. . . but the thing was that many of the girls whose shoes I loved said very matter-of-factly, "these bad boys are coming off as soon as I get to the prom."

One pal -- who loved her glamorous, glamorous shoes . . .

. . . . didn't even wait five minutes to kick them off.

Now that's a good boyfriend! I wonder what she did when she got to the restaurant?