Snapshot: I'm allowed to call them nerds, right?

OK, so the tall boy and his buddies spread themselves out this past school year, and ended up at colleges all over the country. So to stay connected they did the same stuff all the hipster college kids do: Facebook and texting. But these guys also gathered every so often for a little cyber-fun, playing online games from their respective dorm rooms all over the country. I would offer World of Warcraft as an example but I know that they are so over World of Warcraft, which is lame, and they have moved on to something way more excellent -- something so excellent that there's no way I would know what it is. Whatever.

Well now it's summer, and they live in the same town again, so they can actually spend "real" time together. So you can see what they're doing with this "real" time, right?

Oh, yes. I'm definitely allowed to call them nerds.