We do clean up kind of nice

So this past weekend the husband and I got all dolled up and went to his company's Christmas bash, which is always just way, way fun.

Much merriment ensued, what with an open bar and a hotel reservation -- and no babysitter with a curfew, either!

We have come to look forward to this annual casino night, which I think is so much more fun than watching a bunch of whippersnappers dancing to music that I don't know or like.

Instead, we feel like high rollers, gambling away our play money. It's so freeing to bet a thousand dollars -- and then to say, "Oh heck -- make it two thousand!"

A fabulous time, with terrifically fun friends -- it was a great way to celebrate!


Our Advent calendar book today is Big Susan. Mr. and Mrs. Doll and their children and servants belong to Big Susan, and live in a house with no front. On Christmas Eve every year, they can move about without needing Susan to help them.

This is such a sweet story -- thanks, Cassi Renee!