Book Lovers' Advent Calendar: Day Seven

I loved this story!  In Christmas Farm, Wilma decides to grow a new kind of garden, and with the help of her five-year-old neighbor, Parker, begins a Christmas tree farm.  We read along as, using string, shovels, and sixty-two dozen balsam seedlings, the two friends plant the beginnings of their farm.  As the trees grow over the next five years, so does Parker.  When both the trees and the boy are ten years old, it is finally time!  The trees are ready to be sold to families who want fresh and beautiful Christmas evergreens.  The illustrations are so detailed and serenely pretty -- any young one will have such fun exploring the pages as the story is read aloud, or poring over them alone to find new surprises on every page.

A great find -- I wish I had known about it when my urchins were younger!