Glamour Hair -- Part One

This week after we got back from our beach adventure, it was time for everyone to get a glamorous new 'do. My youngest girl went first -- she has been waiting f-o-r-e-v-e-r to get her hair cut! She heard about a year and a half ago about this fabulous organization -- and this week she is finally ready to offer up her donation.

Before her haircut, she spent a lot of time with her hair pulled back in a braid -- trying her hardest to avoid this look:

Oh, have mercy! -- the crying and sadness while this long swoop of hair was brushed every morning! And just so you know, when all else fails, a lens can be held inside a glasses frame using Super Glue.

But now --!

My dears! This sassy bob exposes her elegant dancer's neck -- and she is free at last! from the torture of the tangled morning mess. It has changed her life, I tell ya!

Now she is ready to send off her donation to the wonderful people at Locks of Love, and who knows -- maybe she'll start all over again! [tangent: my youngest girl rocks the long, flowy scarf, I must say.]

It is true that this ballerina bun is a once and future thing -- who knows when we'll see it again? -- at least on this particular ballerina!