Glamour Hair -- Part Two

Yesterday was another day of fabulous hair, as my oldest daughter ventured into the salon ("Pincurls," owned by the charming and talented Lynda Lee) and asked that timeless question: Should I get bangs?

Now this girl has the loveliest hair -- all different shades of brown and gold and auburn. Rich people pay a lot of money to try to get this hair. So of course she would love to color it.

Sing halleluiah -- Lynda talked her down from this idea and they commenced to the serious work of choosing the perfect 'do. Layers? Bangs?? Razor cut??? We should all hope that President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and the nine Supreme Court justices put as much thoughtful energy into their work.

You can wear your hair long, girls.
Yes, you can! Yes, you can!

Once the decision had been made (more noticeable layers, long enough for a softball ponytail), Lynda got down to business.

Must . . . read . . . at . . . all . . . times . . . .

tangent: This girl is the Queen of Quidditch, the High Mugwump of Hogwarts, the go-to source for all things Harry Potter. She was born on Harry's birthday, for Merlin's sake! Ooh! Quick quiz: who else associated with Harry's world was born on his birthday?

This tousled look seemed done to me (and frighteningly mature . . . ) but the girl and her stylist sneered at my naivete. The next step was crucial:

Now the all-important flat iron appeared. I know that the world shifted on its axis a little bit when this instrument entered our home. I mean when the teenager said she needed a flat iron --

-- I seriously thought she had lost her mind. Silly Mommy!

But -- and I am totally serious here -- how does this instrument, a flat iron, after all, curl anyone's hair? I am stymied by this. Really.

Seems to work, though!

I said, "Wow! Your hair looks like Farrah Fawcett's!" (Actually, to show you just how old I am, I really said, "Wow! Your hair looks just like Farrah Fawcett-Majors'!") Again with the get-with-the-times sneering, and Lynda very sweetly said, "Or maybe Vanessa Hudgens?"

Next up: can one say "glamour hair" and "teenaged boy" in the same sentence?

Obama Family image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images