Glamour Hair -- Par . . . Oh, Never Mind!

While it is true that the boy was part of the parade of urchins who got haircuts the week we returned from our beach adventure, it is also true that he would rather poke a stick in his eye than acquire anything that could even remotely be construed as "glamour hair." He's a Hair Cuttery man -- no muss, no fuss -- and absolutely no "products."

His excitement for the week was not hair-related; instead he had the pleasure of having his wisdom teeth removed. The ice pack certainly did not slow down his texting abilities -- let's be very clear about that.

I think these two are actually texting each other. I'm not kidding.

The "I just had my wisdom teeth out, and thus am snarky and belligerent" hair is definitely a look . . . .

. . . but on a good day (like the day he was honored by his high school principal for being selected to attend the Governor's School for the Humanities -- brag, brag) , my tall boy can rock the curly 'do.