I dare you not to smile!

OK, so I admit that I was one of those girls who had every word of "The Sound of Music" memorized. Notice that I did not say "every song." Nope -- I can recite pretty much all of the dialogue too. It makes me either very lame or too awesome for words that I can do this for many, many musicals: "Oklahoma!" (obviously), "White Christmas," "High Society," "A Chorus Line," "My Fair Lady," "Camelot!," "Gigi," "Easter Parade," "Damned Yankees," "Guys and Dolls," "Fiddler on the Roof" . . . . My list could continue, but you get the picture.

tangent: As some of you may remember, my mother's people live in Oklahoma; I knew the words to that song before I knew "The Star-Spangled Banner." I'm not kidding.

My love for "The Sound of Music," though, is a love that I bet I share with most of you. I grew up watching it on television once a year as a "special event." Later, it was one of the first videos I owned ( along with "Mary Poppins" -- hands down the best movie ever made. I mean, what's not to love about a film that contains the words, "Close your mouth, Michael. We are not a codfish." ??).

That's why this YouTube video makes me so happy. How can you not smile and sing along?