Gettin' it done

So I went to the oldest girl's softball game last night; it's always fabulous to see the Bulldawgs take another team down.

A thing that makes me particularly happy is that the guys from the baseball team regularly show up to root for the girls. A lot of times baseball dudes are dismissive of fast pitch softball -- because "hey, it's fine and all, but it's not baseball." I need to say I have never seen these guys express that disdainful attitude. When our pitcher smokes one across the plate, they hoot with glee -- and are glad they don't have to hit against her. And when when a fielder makes a a sweet play, they shout with pride. These baseball players make great cheerleaders!

Here's my girl in action at the plate, looking pretty confident as she waits for the pitch --

-- and takes her stance.

Her hit gets her safely to first . . .

. . . where she always does a little jig on the safety base. She says it feels like she's playing hopscotch.

The opposing pitcher always has to worry if her runners will try to steal --

-- and when my oldest girl is running, the pitcher is right to worry!

Safe at second base, Number 11 cheers on her teammate at bat. She rocks the bright red batting gloves, doesn't she?

There she goes again -- headed for third!

tangent: I am a little phobic about third base, because a couple of years ago my girl slid into the base, which for safety reasons is supposed to "break away" when a runner slides into it with force. Well, let's just say that the base did not break away, so my oldest girl's ankle broke instead. Ask her about it and I guarantee you that as she tells the story she will make sure you know that she was safe.

So I didn't get a picture of her scoring this particular run, because I was cheering and talking on the phone at the same time, as well as eating a hot dog, and I can only do so much, so don't pressure me.

At the inning change, the oldest girl took her position in the outfield, where she never misses a pop fly, and is the go-to girl for double plays. Not that I'm bragging.

But I have known her for a long time, and when she gets this look on her face, the job will get done. I'm just saying.

After the game the girls get the privilege of grooming the field. Ain't that a kick in the pants? It really does prove that an athlete's work is never done -- and the oldest girl would give that a big "AMEN," because she still had chemistry, Spanish and history homework waiting for her.

Final score: US 16 v. THEM 0
Go, Bulldawgs!