County Fair

So the sunny girl and I went to the Prince William County Fair last weekend and we didn't leave until we had done it all -- and there was a lot to do!

The sunny girl just loves the County Fair -- and who can blame her? We live in one of the last truly rural counties in Northern Virginia, and around here the County Fair is a giant deal.

We loved looking at the calves and lambs and baby goats -- who wouldn't? Dairy cows are fun to ponder, too -- their bovine faces are so stupid and sweet. Plus we know that the dairy cows exist to provide us with milk and cheese -- not steak and hamburger.

On the other hand, the sunny girl closed her eyes as we walked through the enclosure that housed the pigs, because Charlotte's Web makes her a little sad, and because she knows she will fall in love with a nice pig, and then she won't ever want to eat bacon again -- and the sunny girl loves bacon. So I always end up being her guide dog through this livestock enclosure. She missed the hilarious sight of this pig resting without a care in the world -- stretched out in his own feed trough.

We loved the featured competition of the day -- the dog show.

The judges contemplated such categories as biggest dog, smallest dog, dog with the biggest smile, dog with the saddest face -- and then proceeded to such advanced levels as most glamorous costumes and best tricks.

As you can imagine, this was the best dog show ever!

A stroll through the home arts building made me feel completely inadequate as a tomato and basil grower.

Then it was time to hit the midway -- and when I say we rode every ride, I hope you know that this means the sunny girl rode every ride at least twice -- while I looked on and held her cotton candy.

We ate a lot of crappy food . . .

. . . and I did ride the Ferris Wheel, which for me is the epitome of a fabulous County Fair experience. I love looking out over the entire scene: the livestock barns, the rodeo and motorcross arena, the midway, the Kiwanis and Rotary food tents -- it's everything I love about living here. Come visit me next August -- and we can hit the Fair together!