The end of the beginning

So my tall boy is a college student now -- at The Catholic University of America -- and he couldn't be happier about it. And to tell you the truth, I am just as happy as he is. As you may have guessed by now, I cherish him more than life itself, and I will miss him every day -- and I also know that the family-sized box he has been living in since he was born is now just too small. It's time for him to experience a campus-sized box, and people! I love the campus he chose!

Move-in day was a little traumatic for the sunny girl -- who feels like she has lost her goof-ball mentor. The girl in charge is less broken up, mostly because she looks forward to being the oldest kid at home, and also because the bathroom just got one third less crowded.

The tall boy's move-in day went smoothly from start to finish -- enthusiastically cheerful students helped him at every turn. Really -- the perky dials were turned up to "eleven" all day: Orientation Advisors, Resident Assistants, Campus Ministers -- every student we encountered fiercely wrestled the tall boy and his dad for the right to carry the heaviest load; they elbowed each other out of the way for the privilege of giving us directions. Meanwhile, I spent the day collecting swag. My parent packet included a very groovy "The Catholic University of America" pen, so I knew the day would go well.

We (which really means "they") hauled the tall boy's crap into his room, and I offered (really! I did!) to make his bed, or help him set his stuff up.

He adamantly rejected this idea, and sent me to the student center to find the Starbucks -- one more reason I love the tall boy. The hardest thing I did all day (other than say good-bye) was stand in line to buy my t-shirt and key-chains.

As I walked away from my tall boy for the last time, I noticed this motto, carved above the door to the student chapel -- right next door to his residence hall. While I love the image it evokes, I must admit that my first reaction when I read it was to consider my tall boy -- kind, smart, good-looking, charming, confident -- and then chuckle and think, "Good luck with that!"

God is my light

Go, Cardinals!