Snapshot: Beautiful girls

Look at how pretty the girl urchins are! We were on our way out the door tonight, to various school functions that made me pray for the aid of Padre Pio (bilocation would solve a lot of my problems, yo), but the urchins allowed me to capture the glamour before we all went our separate ways.


Today's discovery behind the Advent calendar door (snuck in just under the wire) is Look-Alikes Christmas. We have always loved these quirky picture books. In a Look-Alikes book, intricate miniature scenes are created out of the most mundane and everyday items: combs, pretzel sticks, playing cards, dominoes . . . . The challenge is to find all of the items used to create the scene. For some reason, all of us took to the Look-Alike books with great enthusiasm, while the I Spy books (constructed similarly) left us cold.

It's just so cool! Do you see the erasers and the dog biscuit used as chimneys in the cover photograph? Fabulous!