Book Lovers' Advent Calendar: Day Two

Today's book, On Christmas Day in the Morning, is a wonderful old Christmas story, written and originally published in 1955; it has been newly re-published with lovely illustrations.  Pearl S. Buck (whom most of us met through her classic novel, The Good Earth) offers a simply and beautifully written story about Rob, a fifteen-year-old farm boy, who overhears his father saying how much he hates to have to wake his sleeping son to help with the many daily chores on the farm.  Rob decides that his Christmas gift to his dad will be to complete his biggest tasks for him, on Christmas morning.  The descriptions of the farm, and the simple and haunting language of the story are wonderful.  This story makes me happy because it is a kind of call back to similar sections of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy -- another favorite at my house.