Yes. There will be s'mores.

Well. so my sunny girl and I are off today on a Girl Scouting adventure. We are gathering with our sisters in Scouting to bake bread, and eat really tasty food, and act like goofballs, and eat some more really tasty food, and laugh a lot.  And I think there will be some more tasty food in there somewhere.

We are "camping" but not really, since we are staying in what the Girl Scouts call a lodge, and I call a building with all of the amenities except actual beds so everybody gets to sleep on the floor!  Yay!  And we are thrilled about sleeping on the floor because we are fifty years old and have a sprained ass.  Yay!

Pray for me.

In other news, today we will begin our third annual Book Lovers' Advent Calendar.  This year, I shall roam the bookstores and catalogs to bring you the latest fabulous Christmas-y stories for youngsters and oldsters.  Knowing me, I suspect that I will also remind you of a forgotten story or two, as well.

Today I share with you a book that made me so happy as I read it.  A Bad Kitty Christmas made me laugh out loud, right there in the aisle at Target.  "T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the city / not a creature was stirring, except for Bad Kitty."  So stinkin' cute!  Bad Kitty learns that things are not what Christmas is about -- and a family gains a friend in the bargain.